Convergence Investments

Our Strategy

val·ue: (noun /ˈvalyo͞o/) Principles or standards of behavior; One’s judgment of what is important; Monetary or material worth.

Value is in everything we do at Convergence. Our core values guide our strategy, and our strategy builds value throughout our investments. Our strategy relies heavily on three core strengths: Direct Investment, Value Creation, and Innovative Fund Management. These core strengths combined with extensive development experience and an unwavering commitment to our investment principles have made Convergence Investments a profitable and growing real estate firm in a variety of extreme market conditions.

Direct Investment:

We invest directly in deals, and maintain a key operational role in the management and development of the asset.

Value Creation:

Adding and creating value throughout the investment period is a key distinction between the Convergence strategy and the approach taken by your average real estate investment firm, which typically relies on market appreciation, leverage for value creation, and third party management consulting. We at Convergence are a group of experienced development managers who understand and execute in all areas of the development process, including:

  • Acquisition structuring,
  • Entitlements and agency approvals,
  • Market research and positioning,
  • Design,
  • Financial Analysis,
  • Sales and exit strategy,
  • Site and amenity construction

Innovative Fund Management:

We have developed alternative methods of managing the typically long term investment nature of real estate through extensive research and due diligence, purchase options, proprietary capital structures, and down side protection of capital.