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Convergence Investments

Sussex County, Delaware


Year of Acquisition:

Residential Capacity:
360 Units

Property Area:
180 Acres

Master Planned Community

Project Lifecycle:
36 Months

In 2002, Convergence negotiated favorable contract terms to acquire 180 acres in Sussex County, Delaware through a delayed settlement that would eventually become Windstone. The parcel was purchased because of its proximity to an existing resort destination and potential to increase density. Due to limited access to the city’s wastewater system, the plot of land was originally zoned for 180 single family homes on 1 acre plots, each with individual wells and septic tanks.

Instead of accepting these limitations, Convergence created a private utility company and designed and engineered the areas first level-one recycled wastewater system. Through the use of a membrane reactor batch plant, 300,000 gallons of wastewater per day could be separated and filtered into clean drinking water and used to irrigate the community’s common spaces. The significant reduction of wastewater impact also allowed for a 100% increase in the density to 360 units compared to the original underlying zoning.

Convergence designed a site plan with outstanding curb appeal and numerous lifestyle amenities, including a clubhouse featuring a billiards room and fitness center, as well as an outdoor pool. The site plan also consisted of walking and biking trails that wind through scenic ponds and landscaped common space. This quaint Master Planned Community is located within minutes of historic downtown Delaware and Cape Henlopen. Upon receiving site plan approval and design development report approval (DDR) for the wastewater system, Convergence sold its interest in the project to a private investment group. Today it is a thriving community and home to hundreds of families. 

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