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Determining Which Key Housing Indicators to Watch

Housing is constantly in the news, and more often than not, different media outlets provide conflicting outcomes about the current state of the market and where it is headed. So what data is noise and what is actually worth paying attention to? As John S. Tobey from...

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Impacts of the Next Recession on Residential Real Estate

With the recent yield-curve inversion in March, talks of the next recession are becoming more frequent and news outlets are saying the housing market is slowing. The data however tells a different story. Housing demand remains strong and the market is actually...

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Where Millennials Want to Move & Why

Millennials aren't on the sidelines anymore; they are becoming a driving force in the market. Like many, they were hit hard by the great recession which ultimately hampered their ability to form new households. However, after years of living with friends and family...

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